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The world wild web residence of Jim Engel, the infamous Angel of Marengo

Most of my recent writing has been for the new Police Dog book, click on the above "Police" button...

Emergence of the Breed
 The folly of mankind.
Canine Origins*
The Herding Heritage*
The Police Breeds*
Police Dog Requsites*
House Divided*
Schutzhund in America*
The Early Years
Guns & Dogs*
The Bloodhound*
The Molossers*
Temperament Testing*
Temperament Testing
Chicago Dog Sport Festival
2013 Fun in the sun
Schutzhund & IPO*
Breeding test and sport
Dutch Police Dog trials.
KNPV PH I Rules*
Belgian Ring
The NVBK trial systems
Police Canine Origins
Dog Sports article from 1984
Personal Protection
2007   Do I hear a duck?
Driving the Working Dog
2012   Terminology discussion
Medical Screening*
2012  The Road to Extinction ?
Obedience Training
2006   Practical considerations
Working Trials
2003   Where is this real world ?
Show & Work
1997   Fact and Fiction
The Guardians
1985  Protection and patrol dogs
Protection Primer
The training process
Purely Positive Training
AKC World
1990    American Kennel Club
Glossary of canine terms
Working Titles and Organizations
Bragg Breeding Article
You need to read this....
Bragg Web Site

Reference Documents:

Britaish War Dogs*
Lt.-Colonel E. H. RICHARDSON
a Toast to Most*
Konrad Most, Father of Police dog Training
* denotes PDF Files

Belgian Map
German Map
References & Links
Pit Dog Fighting
AWDF Free Press
Photo Notes
Who the hell is Jim Engel?

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