This web page, a chronicle of the decline of NAWBA, is increasingly out of date and obsolete.

NAWBA today is little more than a derelict ship floating on the sea of irrelevance, the officers mostly people nobody has ever heard of: been noplace, done nothing.

Think of this page like a newspaper archive, ancient history but perhaps with some lessons relevant even today...

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NAWBA in Retrospect (Sept 2011)

The Fat Lady Sings !
NAWBA goes belly up.
(Sept 2007)

After years of abuse and decline NAWBA just hit bottom.

NAWBA was founded in the nineteen eighties primarily as a national level organization to support serious working people, those engaged in the new to America protection sports such as Schutzhund and French Ring.

This year there will be no Ring trial, no Schutzhund trial. Basically, nothing more than the little old ladies afternoon play herding, some carting demos and I suppose the pathetic character test.

Oh yes, and the conformation show with a real live French judge.

What an irony, the working dog organization founded to break free from the grip of Mickey Mouse dog shows reduced to nothing but a pathetic Mickey Mouse dog show.

Sept 2007

In the end, the events foretold in this ten year old article
have come to pass:
Destined to Die

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November, 2001:   The long planned AWDF conformation show has been cancelled,  placing the future of the Federation in serious doubt.  Prior to the cancellation,  the Catalog for the Beauty show in St. Louis had confirmed that the Bouviers would  have been allowed to masquerade as working dogs on the basis of the Temperament test.  Other breeds, including the Doberman, also would have had similar requirements, rendering the whole thing a farce..

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Time for a change ?
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Is there a Bouvier field of Dreams in Virginia ?
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IF THEY BUILD IT....                       Nov 1999

In the spring of 1999, the NAWBA board invented a
"temperament test" as a shameful shortcut for those
whose dogs can not earn real titles or whose owners
are unwilling to do their work. Read all about it:

The Truth About the NAWBA Temperament Test

So who are we going to see popping up as "Official NAWBA Temperament Testers" ? Perhaps some of the same committee members who know how to verify working dogs even though they never demonstrate relevance by training a serious dog ?

Rite of Passage
On Justin Chastel
Temperament Test Overview
MORE on the NAWBA temperament test!
The Rifkinson Experience

In 1998 Frank McEniry imploded as NAWBA president.
See what all the fuss wasabout:

The McEniry Affair!

A little ancient history:

Various 1998 Memos
Breeding Certification
Competitive Event Rules
KNPV Certified Bouviers
Bouvier FCI Standard
The NAWBA Constitution

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