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Carmine Battaglia: End of an Era

For well over three decades I have been a working dog historian, commentator, critic and advocate of establishing a viable American based working dog culture in place of European subservience. But there needs to be balance, a firm hand on the tiller, acknowledgement and commendation of the positive and good as well as advocating change, and to that end I try to make a point of honoring transformative individual effort and accomplishment. This past fall the success of Frank Phillips in the FCI IPO championships, with a remarkable German Shepherd out of the ongoing American breeding of T Floyd, has provided a particularly worthy occasion to put the spot light on the positive, something of enormous long term significance, an important mile stone in our American working dog quest. See here

But there has been a bit of a back story lurking in the shadows, one with roots going back to the late 1970s when I first took up training our young German Shepherd in AKC obedience. This was not about anything more than an evening diversion from my day job as a communications research engineer, something to get me more physically active and out of the house. Neither Schutzhund nor any sort of serious higher level involvement or competition was on my radar screen and my knowledge of or interest in the more arcane and esoteric aspects of canine history or politics was less than minimal.

Only a Game 1/25/2018
Carmine Battaglia: End of an Era 1/1/2018
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Leaders, Office Holders and Politicians 3/4/2017
Appeasement in Switzerland 2/28/2017
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To Be or Not to Be 9/4/2014
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The Danny Spreitler Resignation
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AWDF Free Press
Who is Jim Engel?

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Frank Phillips with Kliff vom Floyd Haus
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Iron von den Wolfen IPO III, 2015 WUSV IPO Champion
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European Commentary:

Dirk Edler Interview 3/28/2017
Alfons van den Bosch Interview 3/14/2017

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