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Day of Reckoning 9/23/2016
The Americans* 9/19/2016
Zappia Responds to the SV* 9/16/2016
Alloway Message on SV Dictates 8/22/2016
The Mother State 4/19/2016
Style and Opinion Sports 2/15/2016
To Be or Not to Be 9/4/2014
FCI Knuckles Under 3/10/2014
USCA Stick Hit Policy* 2/11/2014
Peace in Our Time? 2/25/2014
Schutzhund over in Europe
The Govednik Affair  

USCA  Moment of Truth! 3/3/2013
The SV Empire Builders* 3/8/2014
The Pussification 10/1/2012
AWDF: The Way Forward 3/16/2012
House Divided Nov, 2010
The Martin Shepherd Oct, 2010
The Golden Idol Sep, 2010
Memo to the USCA Board 8/14/2010 
Time to Enter the 21st Century Aug, 2010
USCA: The Registry Problem Aug, 2010
Memo to the USCA Board 7/10/2010 
USCA & WDA July, 2010
The Danny Spreitler Resignation

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Show Dogs and Working Dogs
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Canine Protection Primer
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